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MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter

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1200W Hub Motors


60 V 24 Ah


46 mph


46 miles


10x2.7″ (Tubeless) or 10x3.0"(Pneumatic)


265 lbs

Introducing the SPEEDWAY RIDERS NYC™ MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter – Your Ultimate Urban and Off-Road Companion!

**Unleash the Power:**
Equipped with Dual 1200W Hub Motors, the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ takes your riding experience to the next level. Feel the thrill as you accelerate with confidence, effortlessly conquering the city streets and off-road paths.

**Speed Demon:**
Reach new heights of exhilaration with a max speed of 46 mph. The MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ delivers an adrenaline-pumping ride, letting you breeze through your daily commute or weekend adventures with unmatched swiftness.

**Boundless Range:**
Embark on journeys without limits, as the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ boasts an impressive range of 46 miles. Roam freely through the urban jungle or explore untamed trails, all on a single charge.

**Conquer Any Slope:**
Defy gravity and climb inclines of up to 30° with ease. Tackle steep hills like never before, making every ascent a thrilling part of your ride.

**Built for Strength:**
With a sturdy weight limit of 265 lbs, the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ is designed to accommodate riders of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for all.

**Reliable Battery Power:**
Powered by a high-capacity 60V 24Ah battery, this scooter guarantees longevity and endurance. Enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of juice.

**Swift Recharge:**
Get back on the road swiftly with a charging time of just 360 minutes. Spend more time riding and less time waiting, thanks to the efficient charging system.

**Advanced Security:**
Rest easy knowing your scooter is protected by a digital password locking mechanism. Your MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ remains safe and secure, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

**Illuminate Your Path:**
Customize your ride with adjustable RGB lights that set the mood. Stay visible and safe during nighttime rides with a powerful headlight and integrated turning signals.

**Crystal-Clear Display:**
Experience the future with the panoramic TFT display. Access vital information about your ride at a glance, enhancing your control and awareness.

**Stay Connected:**
Stay powered up on the go with 2 water-resistant charging ports. Keep your devices juiced up and ready for action, ensuring you’re always connected.

**Effortless Foldability:**
The hinge and lock folding mechanism lets you effortlessly fold down the MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ for easy storage and transport. Maximize convenience without compromising on performance.

**Total Control:**
Navigate with confidence using front and rear hydraulic and electronic brakes. Enjoy superior stopping power that ensures your safety and control at all times.

**Grip and Traction:**
Roll smoothly on 10×2.7″ tubeless or 10×3.0″ pneumatic tires. These high-traction tires provide stability and maneuverability, whether you’re cruising the streets or venturing off-road.

Discover a new dimension of electric scootering with the SPEEDWAY RIDERS NYC™ MW-Tiger 10 Pro+ Electric Scooter. Unmatched power, range, and features await you. Are you ready to experience the ride of a lifetime?

  • Type Urban_and_Off_Road
  • Power Dual 1200W Hub Motors
  • Max Speed 46 mph
  • Range 46 miles
  • Climbing Angle 30° uphill
  • Weight Limit 265 lbs
  • Battery 60 V 24 Ah
  • Charging Time 360 minutes
  • Locking Mechanism Digital password
  • Lights Adjustable RGB, headlight, turning signals
  • Display Panoramic TFT
  • Charging Ports 2 x Water-resistant Ports
  • Folding Mechanism Hinge & Lock
  • Brakes Front+Rear Hydraulic + Electronic Brakes
  • Tires 10×2.7″ (Tubeless) or 10×3.0″(Pneumatic)

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This is What Riding Scooters is All About

Crafted for those who don't fear venturing into the unknown, Miniwalker Tiger 10 Pro+ is the ultimate electric scooter.

MW-Tiger 10 Pro+

With its upgraded rider avionics, Tiger 10 Pro+ is a an adrenaline machine built for high speeds. Whether you’re riding on uneven ground, or asphalt alike, Tiger 10 Pro+ offers the smoothest riding experience an electric scooter can offer.

Get a Grip!

Tiger 10 Pro+’s all-terrain pneumatic tires offer brilliant traction against all road conditions.

Double the Motors, Double the Thrill

You can climb almost anything in All-wheel drive mode. Two motors also improve your performance on uneven and muddy terrain.

All your riding metrics, at your fingertips.

Tiger 10 Pro+’s new and improved TFT display is visible in both day and night. It offers precise metrics about your trip and how much juice you’ve got left!

Supercharged Power

Fully charge from 0 to 100% in less than 6 hours using two chargers. Just enough time for you to plan out your next ride!


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