Y10 Electric Scooter 52V 40MPH 2400W


Welcome to SPEEDWAY RIDERS NYC™, your ultimate destination for electric scooters. Explore our diverse range of YUME Electric Scooters, each designed to elevate your riding experience. Glide through the streets with the YUME Swift Electric Scooter, or make a statement with the YUME X11 Red Edition Electric Scooter. Unleash your adventurous spirit with the YUME Hawk Pro Electric Scooter or opt for the sleek design of the YUME Hawk Electric Scooter. Take your ride to the next level with the X11+ Electric Scooter, boasting impressive specs of 60V, 50MPH, and 6000W. Experience the power of the OSPREY Electric Scooter, reaching speeds of 72V and 60MPH with a robust 7000W motor. Discover the YUME D4+ Electric Scooter, Y10 Electric Scooter, and Y11 Electric Scooter, each offering unique features tailored to your needs. Plus, enjoy the convenience of 0% financing options available for your dream electric scooter. Visit us today and redefine your urban commute!

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