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Segway eMoped C80


The Segway eMoped C80 is a thing of beauty. Not so much in that elegantly futuristic sense that Ducati motorcycles have, but in that adorably hip Vespas way. Except, less showy and more minimalist and modern.

The bike comes in a choice of four color combinations: grey, aquamarine-yellow, lemon and blue-orange. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love its aesthetic, as do the boatload of people that have complimented me on the streets. In fact, a handful have gone as far as to pull up next to me to admire this chic ride.

That moped-style design isn’t just for attention, however. It’s also for comfort and easy handling. This is an e-bike for the most part — although, being a class 3, instead of turning on pedal assist, you can simply turn the accelerator and go. It’s also abandoned that somber and not-the-most-comfortable e-bike form factor for a funky and cushy one.

Instead of a narrow, thin-cushioned seat, you have a big and bouncy one. Instead of placing your feet on the pedals the whole ride, you’ve got a spacious platform and extra retractable footrests to rest them on. And, instead of a long and tall e-vehicle that looks intimidating, you’ve got a short, compact one that looks accessible and welcoming and elevator-friendly. Seriously, it’s a breeze maneuvering this in and out of mid-sized elevators.


(2) NFC Tags

Two NFC Tags included: simply swipe the NFC Tag above the dashboard to lock and unlock the vehicle. It’s that simple.


The Auto-Lock can be customized to lock your C80. Once the Auto-Lock is activated, the bike will automatically lock within the preset countdown.

Smart Seat Detection

Equipped with intelligent sensors under the seat and an electric handlebar lock, the vehicle will lock itself within 3 seconds of leaving the seat. To ensure the safety of our riders, the smart feature will only be activated when the driver is properly seated, and the kickstand is released. Otherwise, if no movement has been detected, the eMoped C80 will not be ready to ride, even if you twist the throttle.

AirLock System

Say goodbye to your keys and ride with just your smartphone. With the AirLock system, you can unlock the eMoped C80 with just a tap on your phone via the Segway-Ninebot App. Once the vehicle is connected to the Segway-Ninebot app, the eMoped C80 will automatically identify its owner by recognizing the app when the smartphone is near the vehicle.

Segway eMoped C80


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