TEEWING Mars XTR 10000W stands at the pinnacle of electric scooter performance. Boasting dual motors with a remarkable 10000W total output, paired with a high-capacity 72V 45AH Samsung cell battery, this scooter offers an unparalleled riding experience. The Telelever-inspired suspension system, EXA Adjustable Hydraulic shocks, and 11-inch off-road tires provide exceptional stability and control. With advanced safety features, including EABS, an IP66 waterproof rating, and a fire extinguisher, the Mars XTR 10000W is a powerhouse of technology, safety, and performance.

Specifications – Mars XTR

Battery: Lithium 72V 45AH, Samsung Cell

Motor: Dual Motors

Rated Power: 2000W*2

Max Power: 10000W

Torque: 56 N.m

Controller: FOC (72V65A*2)

Max Range: 140km / 88miles

Max Speed: 110km/h / 68mph

Display: TFT

Driving Mode: 1-5 Gear

Brakes: EABS & Nutt Hydraulic disc brakes

Suspensions: F&R EXA Adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers

Tires: 11-inch explosion-proof tubeless tire (off-road)

Handlebar: Unfolding Aluminum Alloy

Charger: 72V 6A

Charging time: 8 hours

Max load: 200kg / 440lbs

Grade ability: 50°

Waterproof Level: IP66

Net Weight: 60.2kg / 132.7lbs

Dimension Unfold: 53.1″ x 51.6″ x 27.6″

Dimension Fold: 53.1″ x 27.6″ x 27.6″

Color: Black; Camouflage

Original price was: $4,299.00.Current price is: $3,399.00.


In compliance with NYC law for electric scooter speed limits, all our scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 20mph. However, users have the discretion to unlock the speed limit feature if they choose to do so. But we strongly encourage responsible and cautious riding practices.


Lithium 72V 45AH, Samsung Cell


2000W*2 Max Power: 10000W


110km/h / 68mph


140km / 88miles


11-inch explosion-proof tubeless tire (off-road)


200kg / 440lbs

The Epitome of Safety – TEEWING Mars – Unrivaled in Electric Scooter Security

TEEWING Mars Scooter prioritizes electrical control safety. The scooter has implemented a range of innovative designs to ensure riders’ safety and comfort. Here are 6 key safety features:

1. BMS (Battery Management System):Enhances battery health with protections against overcurrent, overvoltage, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short circuits, ensuring longevity and safety.

2. Anti-Spark Connector: Prevents surge currents during battery connection, minimizing electric shock and fire risks, ensuring controller safety.

3. Charging Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection: Physically cuts off the charging circuit if the current exceeds limits or the battery temperature surpasses 55°C, preventing overheating and thermal runaway.

4. Thermal Silicone Pad: Enhances heat dissipation, reducing battery temperature, extending battery life, and minimizing thermal runaway risk.

5. Explosion-Proof Valve: Prevents moisture ingress, balances air pressure, and automatically opens in thermal runaway to release excess pressure, preventing compartment explosion.

6. Fire Extinguisher: Activates when the battery compartment temperature rises, emitting fire-extinguishing gas to suppress flames and ensure safety.

Best Telelever Suspension System

Similar to the BMW Telelever system, the TEEWING Mars scooter’s front and rear suspension simplifies and optimizes the alignment of the wheels while efficiently managing damping and suspension tasks.

This system employs a similar structure, effectively separating the functions of wheel alignment and damping/suspension to enhance overall riding comfort.

This design contributes to a smoother ride by preventing the interference between wheel alignment and suspension functions.

IP66 Water-Proof Rating

With an IP66 waterproof rating, the TEEWING Mars electric scooter is engineered to resist water exposure and withstand demanding weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability for riders who seek thrilling adventures in diverse riding environments.

Personalized Lighting with duoCo StripX App

Control the color of your electric scooter’s footboard edge lights with the duoCo StripX app. Customize them to any color you desire and explore various lighting effects. Your scooter’s aesthetics are in your hands!

10000W Dual Motor

Dual Motors with a rated power of 2000W each, providing a total power of 10000W for a dynamic and powerful ride.

Smart TFT Display

The TFT display on the TEEWING Mars Electric Scooter provides a vibrant and clear interface for riders. With its high-resolution color screen, riders can easily access essential information such as speed, battery level, riding mode, and more at a glance.

NFC Start

The TEEWING Mars Electric Scooter comes equipped with an innovative NFC Start system for added security and convenience. By swiping an NFC card in the designated area on the handlebars and entering a password on the dashboard, users can effortlessly start the electric scooter. This dual authentication method enhances security, ensuring that only authorized users can activate the scooter.

LED Lights

The front and rear lights illuminate the path, enhancing safety during low-light conditions and ensuring a secure riding experience.

NUTT Hydraulic Disc Brakes

160mm widened NUTT hydraulic disc brakes and electronic brakes provide ample stopping power even in the harshest conditions.

Puncture Proof Tires

The 11-inch explosion-proof tubeless tires are designed for off-road stability and durability. The tire composition offers excellent grip and traction, contributing to a safer and more controlled ride, even on challenging surfaces.

Dual Charging Ports

The electric scooter is equipped with two charging ports, allowing for simultaneous use of two chargers and significantly reducing the charging time to achieve a full battery.

Inverter Port

Teewing Mars Electric Scooter features a reserved structure on the right side of the footboard, designed to accommodate the Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This convenient integration allows users to seamlessly connect and utilize the inverter for versatile power needs during their rides.

The inverter extracts DC power from the scooter, converting it into AC for charging outdoor equipment.

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Mars XTR 10000W Electric Scooter WARRANTY


1 Year Limited Warranty On Parts, Controller, Display, Throttle, Brakes etc ...


6 Months Limited Warranty On Battery, 6 Months On Branded Battery


3 Days Easy Return And Exchange Policy. Terms & Conditions*

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