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Segway Super Scooter GT2


Bringing you an experience that’s faster, stronger, and ever-better, Segway presents the latest super scooter–the GT2 fast electric scooter. Catch the wind with us at nearly 44mph an hour, shooting from 0-30mph in less than four seconds. You’re riding in style on the GT2, a fast electric scooteras perfectly at home on the road to work as it is on the road to adventure. Have a longer trip in mind? The GT2 combines exceptional speed with an outstanding battery range of 55.9 miles. The GT2 introduces the world’s first transparent PM OLED display. Your speed, motor power, battery life, range, drive mode, lighting, and STDC are right in front of you. While you’re in Boost Mode, an Energy Reserve Bar is displayed.


Segway Super Scooter GT2


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