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E8-S 78.9 Miles Long-Range Dual Moter 3200W


An executive electric scooter with racing flair, exclusivity,and everyday rideability. Incredible engineering defines the new Joyor E8-S.lnnovation is at the heart of what moves you. The joyor E8-S Series electric scooter embodies that spirit to its core. Enjoy every refinement, every detail, every moment – exactly as you want. lmbued with legendary performance and the defining elements of sports, the E8-S Series earned its place as Joyor’s flagship electric scooter. A luxurious, bold electric scooter-designed to showcase elegant details, precise lines, and a dramatic exterior. With their slim silhouette and seamless light band, the E8-S Series electric scoote sidelights are a bold desion statement. The E8-S pushes the limits of compelling design into new territory.




  • High Configuration Parts Inside, Ultra High Performance
  • High-quality Battery Cells Inside, 35000mAh, 72V
  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Learn.Works as Simple as It Looks
  • Minimally Designed. Uniform Geometric Design Elements
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame. Weighs Just 101 Lbs
  • Ultra-Bright Headlights. Red Taillights for Braking
  • Multiple Functions Control Panel to Change Mode
  • Rear Wheel Hydraulic Shock Absorption Design
  • Power Button Controls. Controlled Acceleration
  • Folds in 3 Easy Steps. Simple Folding Levers
  • 1000 Watt Dual Motot and 3200W Output
  • 61.8-78.9 miles Long-Range Battery Life
  • Made For Comfort. Curved Pedal Board
  • USB Charging Port for Mobile Devices


  • Powered with 1200W Motor, Reach Max Speed 55.6 mph
  • High-quality Battery Cells Inside, 35000mAh, 72V
  • LCD Display for Battery Life, Travel Distance and Speed
  • 61.8-78.9 miles Long-Range Battery Life


Battery Capacity: 35000mAh

Battery Voltage: 72V

Motor Type: 3200W DC Brushless Motor

Travel Distance: 78.9 miles

Weight: 101 Lbs

Dimension (Upright): 54.5*24*50.7 inches

Dimension (Folded): 54.5*24*25.1 inches

Maximum Speed: 55.6 mph

Tire Type: 11” Vacuum tyre

Charging time: 8-10 hours

Max load: 265 Lbs

Speed Level Options: Three Speed (9.9 / 20 / 55.6 mph)


Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Capacity: 35000mAh

Battery Voltage: 72V

Charging Time: Around 480-600 minutes


Motor Type: German Technology DC Brushless Motors

Motor Power: 3200W


Travel Distance: 61.8-78.9 miles on a single charge

E8-S 78.9 Miles Long-Range Dual Moter 3200W


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